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A Favorite Analog Tool: Midori Traveler’s Notebooks

 Most of my productivity tools are apps and cloud-based tools that allow me to have everything I need even while on the go. I do still like to use analog tools from time to time just because it’s fun and sometimes putting pen to paper can be really motivating and stimulating.

I got really into Midori Traveler’s Notebooks early last year. They are basically pieces of leather with an elastic system for binding notebooks and accessories together.

There really is a huge almost “cult-like” following of Traveler’s Notebooks in the planner community. A quick search on YouTube will bring up hundreds of results.

I was really drawn to the way the leather notebooks looked and the way you could customize them to your needs. You can put a variety of notebooks, including lined, graph, blank, or kraft paper notebooks. You can also add accessories like folders and zipper pouches.


I thought I would use the Traveler’s Notebooks more, but the convenience of using tools that were available to me across devices forced me to turn back to tools like Evernote for note-taking. I still use the notebooks, but to a much lesser degree that I originally planned. The brown one is now just a catch-all notebook I carry with me in my bag on the weekends and the blue one is my dedicated travel journal, where I stick pictures, ticket stubs, and other little mementos from trips.

The Midori Traveler’s Notebook is still a tool I highly recommend for people who want to add a bit of analog into their productivity systems. They’re great too for places where it wouldn’t be appropriate or efficient to bring out your phone or laptop for note-taking.

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