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Things for Mac: Someday Tasks

I’m continuing my blog series on the Things productivity app. Part five of the Things for Mac blog series is all about the Someday section.

Here again are the six main sections of Things that I’m covering in this intro to my favorite to-do list app:

  1. Inbox
  2. Today
  3. Next
  4. Scheduled
  5. Someday
  6. Projects & Areas

Someday 101

The idea behind the Someday section is this is the area in Things where you can park tasks and projects that you’re not sure you want to do just yet but want to still keep track of. Having a Someday section allows you to separate tasks that higher priority and ready for you to take action on from tasks that you may not want to pick up.


Some items on my Someday list

Someday tasks show up slightly grayed out in Things so you can easily distinguish them from next actions.

My Someday list is comprised really of things that aren’t high priority but could be nice to do if I want to make time for it. A lot of travel-related tasks, for example, go in my Someday section, in a specific Travel area. I talk about Areas in my last post in this blog series.


A bulk of my Someday tasks are in the area of travel

Reviewing Your Someday List

David Allen, author of Getting Things Done, really recommends a weekly review to keep your productivity system really well-oiled. I personally don’t do a strict weekly review. Instead, I’ll look through my Someday list every now and then, and a lot of the time I’ll end up just crossing out tasks I no longer want to do. Other times, there are Someday tasks that I realize I might have some downtime for in the coming weeks and I’ll move it to my Next section.

Someday Projects


Entire projects can be put into your Someday section

I currently have this “2015 Photo Book” project that is made up of three smaller tasks, but I put the entire project in Someday because it’s more of a nice-to-have project for me. It’s something that would be nice to get to, but it won’t kill me if I end up not being able to pick it up.

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