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Never Forget Another Birthday Gift Again

March is a birthday-filled month for us for some reason. I recently purchased five gifts for friends’ and friends’ kids’ birthdays. My productivity trick for never forgetting to buy birthday gifts is simply setting up recurring scheduled tasks in my to-do list app, Things.

A lot of people use calendar events to remind themselves that they need to get birthday gifts. This isn’t a horrible idea, but I personally don’t like it because I feel like the constant nagging of a calendar reminder would annoy me. I feel like I would constantly just be hitting Snooze on the calendar reminder.

Scheduled tasks in the Things app show up on my Today list on the day that I ask Things to remind me. This doesn’t mean that task is necessarily due on that particular day. I typically give myself a couple of weeks before the person’s birthday so I have enough time to decide on what to get them and go buy it.


You create a recurring scheduled task in Things by simply telling the app when you want to be reminded. I talk more about recurring tasks in a previous blog post.



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